Festival Vendors

Opening sign-ups for vendors of international art, culture, food, music and trade goods & service to be part of the only International festival and trade event of it’s kind in the DMV if not Nation.

Artists, bands, and groups from all over the world represented in Altavoz’s Import catalog and many of whom have huge installed fans bases in the DMV; And, the Live Streamings of these Recording Starts to their home countries will have fans in awe from the DMV to the far corners of the world.

This unique blend of online in-person entertainment opens our festival vendors to exposure to fans across the world. Vendors will be part of the festival from start to last song and then eternity on digital services

Who’s should vendor

Anyone one or group that caters to International cultures and want to engage with the diverse, multicultural cohorts living in the DMV ( DC Maryland Virginia) that are fans of the world famous Cpop, Kpop and other International recording artists preforming at the festival.

(Must conform to local laws for Alcohol, CBD, Cannabis, and Vape good or related services)

Call if you have questions

Vendor Plans

  1. Digital Vendor Plan, appearing as a listed vendor online. Includes name being circulated through the sponsorship signups, Social Media ~follow and retweets of all #AltavozFestival content from the vendor. Website listings and publishing on Festival’s blockchain and two tickets to both days of the festival $800 signup here
  2. Digital & Physical Vendor Plan
    1. includes all of the above and opportunity to be physical vendor at one pre-event leading up to and four tickets to Festival and space, aprox one table length one day $180
    2. Both days $2500 includes six tickets Best Value



  1. One logo from vendor in suitable format (1 meg, JPG, PNG, will be resized to small (110 X 33) to large size (350 x 150) 
  2. One table, for physical vendors ( electric & internet will be at cost) Four tickets to the festival one or both days depending upon vendor plan. 
  3. Load in for both day vendor starts afternoon prior to Festival and for single day vendors 6 AM day vending.
  4. Pricing is subject to change, if you have already signed an agreement that prices will be honored, as challenges and demand on festival promoters increases vendor plans may increase to reflect the new cost.

Premarket Events

During phase one Altavoz Distribution has been communicating with foreign countries that Altavoz distributes into the US market place as an Import. Embassies, culture & trade groups that are tasked with helping they’re countries or groups art get noticed and sales in the US Marketplace. These groups and individuals are this and Altavoz’s distribution natural Sponsors; As, Altavoz Distribution is one of the few companies that Imports the foreign hits into US stores.  Starting in the fall of 2019 Altavoz will be holding events at DC office to introduce inviting potential sponsors to sell the imported titles, be entertained by our International DJ’s and recording artists when schedules permit 

During the Event 

Vendors will all have tickets and be able to attend the festival, depending upon vendor plan goods will be allowed to sale your good or service. There will be live streams of the Festival and on-sight vendors maybe, not promised, be seen or used for backdrop for Streams and Live to Tape recordings. So dress to impress and be prepared to sign a wavier.