Live Stream including pay-for-view with special access will be the hallmark of the Altavoz Festival and because of the global nature of the BritPop, Cpop, Kpop, Jpop and many others international recording artists, bands and groups some with 10’s of million of super fans the Altavoz Festival will be a global must see Festival.

Altavoz has seen streaming come a long way from 1997 when Altavoz first live streamed something called Marsday for Window Media. Given the numbers of 100’s of millions mentioned above from one bands 5th Anniversary Concert Altavoz can now see our belief in the power of streaming live music is coming into it’s potential; And, we feel this festival will set a new bar for making music a global event given the world wide base of fans of the potential performers .

Since the Altavoz Festival is main focus is about helping to promote the releases [Blu-Ray, CD, DVD, and VINYL ] that recording artists, bands groups, labels and distributors to US Retailers, So these same streaming fans can also find this music in-stores. The economics and need to put this on ensures everyone involved is committed to a great festival above making is solely about money. So many of the cost and live streams will be done on the cryptocurrency scale of cents and part of a cent.

Nelson Jacobsen, Founder

Sponsors & Vendors will also get exposure, depending upon level from the Streamed and Live to Tape footage taken during the Altavoz Festival.