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The idea for this festival came about when looking at the import catalog of Altavoz Distribution and knowing the Washington, DC Embassy Art, Culture & Trade delegation member role to promote their own countries music (Trade Category 334614) and other other goods and services.

Altavoz unique position of it’s HQ no more than 10 mins from the majority of the Foreign Embassy’s in DC; And, more importantly one of a few companies importing music and other entertainment goods into the US market which is still the largest consumer market for overall music economic activity.

With Sponsor & Vendor signups up and 1st news to be released shorty. The DC Embassy scene is about to get a marketing bliz unlike anything before it from International DJ’s to their own Country’s entertainment products and when possible entertainers. Altavoz is about to launch what we are calling Phase One of the Import Marketing Plan and some great performances leading up to the Festival itself.

Get read to do ART|CULTURE|FOOD|MUSIC|TRADE in the #DMVInternationalMusicFestival

Altavoz Festival 411

Altavoz Distribution & Altavoz Entertainment are bringing some of the best international talent to the Washington DC area for a multi-day art, culture food and music festival in the Fall of 2019.

What’s the DMV District Maryland Virginia or Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV Metro Area

Everyone in the DMV

Washington-Baltimore-Arlington, DC-MD-VA-WV-PA CSAUnited States give the DMV a total 6,216,710 Population

Backstory: Altavoz Distribution has been working on building out one of the biggest Import catalog of International prerecorded music some of which are by global superstars and have been reaching out to local Embassies, Cultural and Trade missions to make sure their efforts and ours to sell their countries entertainment into the US markets it hit us there are are local if not US based truly International festivals centered on entertainment with emphasis on Trade of culture.

Since the entertainers are being promoted often by own countries cultural or trade representatives and Altavoz is distributing CD’s DVD, Cassettes and Vinyl music to US Retailers which range from Mom & Pop record shops to all the Box’s and our own PopUpEnterainment Experiences.

So why not bring as many International recording artists, bands or groups with their respective countries representatives together for a festival in the DMV.. The festival will have cultural, NGO, and Trade representatives and DMV based sponsors and vendors that are representative of their countries unique art, culture, food or entertainment.

Forms for Sponsors, Vendors and Local Entertainers will be going live ASAP.

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Nelson Jacobsen, Founder Altavoz Festival.